Reviews for Alpha ( 2018 ) 1080p

It was a fun, visually driven movie.

By: adenmartinez
Just a movie to sit down and enjoy. It doesn't take itself too seriously.

One of the best flicks I'veseen in a long time!

By: robertseibert
The premise is 20,000 years ago canine met man and that wonderful relationship exploded from then on.., One of the best movies I've seen in years!!!! :)

An unexpected treasure

By: ksteward73
Wow. I wasn't expecting such a spectacular virw and fulfilling story line.

When human learnt diplomacy for the first time....

By: abhijithviswan
Awesome cinematography.... Landscaping and casting...

Best Picture and Story in Harmony

By: benitosreggies
Alpha presents as a deep and insightful tone. It is well balanced and in synchronisation with both a great story of friendship and relation of survival. Picture was superbly portrayed. Brought forward an emotional tear and makes you appreciate the real sense and meaning of two kinds coming together as one. Superbly constructed in a fashion that designates with the viewer. Outstanding!!

What a wonderful, spectacular movie this is!

By: vassago-original
My goodness, I do not know how to begin this review. This movie left me feeling happy, sad, touched, motivated, impressed... WOW!

A truly remarkable film! This is a movie with an unusual, but fantastic and natural energy. The film feels natural, authentic and most of all credible. Leaves the viewer with a sense of respect for wolves even more than we already have, and at the same time increases the love for dogs. This connection between man and dog (movie wants to show how it all started) is undisputable and this film has enriched this bond with this wonderful, but simple story. Director didn't try to be profound and complicated, but he managed to be in terms of describing bond that was made between man and wolf. You can feel the frendship growing. Just beautiful.

Scenography/photography/filming techniques... Every moment in the movie can be used as a wallpaper! I've never seen a movie with so much stunning photography in every single frame, maybe Avatar. Pure Ten! Even more so, if you admire wolves and love dogs.

Ending is P E R F E C T!

One fact for: Every dog, even small, even so big, strange and different, is a descendant of a big wolf! (fact)


By: xio_lyn
I simply do not understand the bad reviews on this movie. I feel like I saw a totally different movie. I fell in love with it from the beginning. Slow but incredibly touching with such a deep perspective to life and loyalty. The end was unpredictable and left me with a great state of mind. I would recommend this movie to everybody!

A great view into the relationship built between man and dog.

By: ministaal18
I went into this movie not knowing anything about it. The film is historic in a sense as it takes place 20,000 years ago in Europe during the latter half of the last ice age. The story is captivating and the cinematography in this film was nothing short of phantasmagoric. I highly recommend this film for anyone who loves a good story and has a soft spot for our furry friends.

Pleasant surprise

By: u2nspenserfan
To be honest, I didn't expect much going into the film and it was a spur-of-the-moment decision. While not a complex film or plot, the cinematography is often beautiful and the plot is compelling. The subtitles didn't distract a bit for me, because much of the film isn't about dialog, it's about man and nature. When I left the theater, I felt moved by it, which is not something that happens often for me with modern films.

Did I See a Different Movie?

By: thomlrichmond
Am here to dispel so many disparaging remarks about Alpha. Firstly, the opening credits tell the viewer that it takes place 20,000 years ago in EUROPE, not Canada. Secondly, as many have commented on, it does rely solely on dubbed dialogue (which normally I fall asleep on but didn't here). Why so many claim that it is not credible to the time period, I don't understand. Also, there is much written against the fact that the boy is unable to be brutal at the beginning of the movie. I looked upon this as a "coming of age" film where he learned how to survive (almost on his own, no less). As far as the slowness of the film, I found it "just right". Lastly, for anyone thinking that the bond between boy and wolf happened too quickly, I feel the twist ending may explain why that was the case.

A Rare Beauty and Quality

By: JamesHitchcock
Caveman films have never really been my favourite genre. "One Million Years BC", aka "Raquel Welch in a fur bikini", and its sequels from the late sixties and early seventies were at best entertaining nonsense and at worst just nonsense. The more recent "10,000 BC" was entertaining nonsense for the modern generation. It is so long since I last watched either "Quest for Fire" or "Clan of the Cave Bear" that I will not say much about them, but my memory is that both were rather dull.

And now we have "Alpha". The story is set around 20,000 BC. This is the ice age, so nobody wears a bikini, fur or otherwise. Although the film was shot in Canada, the action is supposed to take place in Europe, for obvious reasons. In 20,000 BC there were no humans in Canada or anywhere in the New World. The main character is Keda, a young hunter. During a bison hunt, Keda is thrown over the edge of a cliff, and although his fall is broken by a narrow ledge, the rest of the hunting party give him up for dead, much to the grief of his parents, Tau and Rho. (Apart from Keda himself, most of the characters are named after letters of the Greek alphabet, which is odd given that that alphabet was not devised until some 19,000 years after the action takes place).

Keda, of course, is not dead. (There wouldn't be much of a film if he were). He manages to make his way down alive to the foot of the cliff, and after some more adventures is attacked by a pack of wolves. Now, although they are the wild ancestors of man's beloved best friend, the domestic dog, wolves have generally had a bad press in fiction and folklore- Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs, Brer Rabbit's enemy Brer Wolf and all that. There have, however, been occasional exceptions, such as Kipling's "Jungle Book", and "Alpha" proves to be another. Keda manages to fight off the wolves, injuring one in the process. His initial impulse is to kill the injured wolf, but he takes pity on it and cares for its injury. The relationship between man and wolf becomes one of uneasy cooperation, eventually becoming friendship, and Keda names his new friend "Alpha". (As will later become clear, however, Alpha is not the alpha male of the pack). The rest of the film follows the adventures of Keda and Alpha as he attempts to return to his tribe.

This film shares one feature with the old "fur bikini" school, and indeed with "Quest for Fire", namely the use of a specially constructed language, but whereas the language used in the fur bikini movies was crude in the extreme, consisting of no more than around a dozen words endlessly repeated, the one used here sounds a lot more like a natural human tongue, and we have subtitles to allow us to understand what is being said.

Filming took place in the winter and spring of 2016, but for some reason the film's release was delayed several times until it was finally released in August 2018, more than two years later. All I can say, however, is that it was well worth waiting for. The story is simple yet moving, the acting unaffected but effective and the cinematography of the wild British Columbia landscapes against which it was shot is breathtaking. Taken singly, any one of these qualities would have made this a film well worth watching; taken together they add up to something of a rare beauty and quality. I had never heard of director Albert Hughes before, but on this evidence he seems to be someone to watch out for. 9/10

Beautiful movie

By: oregon6
I knew this movie had good reviews but it exceeded my expectations. The scenery is incredible, and the bond that develops between Keda and Alpha was heartwarming. The plot twists and turns and doesn't disappoint. The ending is absolutely wonderful. Any animal lover will agree.

Horrible! Horrible!! Horrible!!!!

By: Pbensonxu
This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The settings and costumes are completely unrealistic given the supposed time frame, the acting is nonexistent, the score is basic and boring, too many sloppy and unrealistic aspects like characters wearing tanned and sewn leather. Scenes changed abruptly, and from hot springs in mountains with lush green surroundings to frozen mountain tops. Totally lacking believability, even for a child.The producer/director were so lazy that they actually repeated long sequences for no good reason. This is a poor excuse for film, clearly a pet project for friends of some wealthy Hollywood elite.

Best Movie of The Year by Far

By: sproo-76578
I have seen lots of movies this year but Alpha is NR1 in my book. Stunning scenery, great filming, the story is excellent, heart warming, the bloody scenes which I can't stand when an animal is involved are implied and not shown so in a nutshell it is a very beautiful movie to watch. If you think that going to see Alpha is another dog story you are mistaken. The young actor Kodi Smit-McPhee is also unbelievable great actor, playing so credible each scene. I am playing this movie in my head over and over. I do not think I will ever forget it. Please go see this movie, it deserves every penny. This is the best of all movies you will see for a long time, nothing compares with this movie and everything seem pale comparative with it. Minimal dialogue yet so profound and touching. In the end you leave the movie theater feeling good. You must see it in a movie theater as the scenery is so beautiful on the big screen. Every single time there was an impossible situation for the characters, somehow there was help or luck.

Great family film!

By: gruverholly
My teenage daughter and I saw this-great way to show how hard you have to fight to survive. I loved how this showed determination, hopelessness and endurance in the fight to keep moving forward.


The premise of the movie was interesting and could have been made into a really good movie. I understand that the writers are entitled to a little creative license, but the movie should at least be credible and believable. This movie was neither. For anyone knowledgeable in primitive hunting and survival techniques, those shown in the movie would get a person dead in 24 hours. The actual first bonding of man and wolf was so unbelievable, it was hard to sit through the rest of the movie. I think the biggest laugh of the movie is when a young man, whose whole culture is based on hunting animals for food, is reluctant to kill a food animal. The writers blew it on this one and should have taken the time to read some of Jean Auel's books or even Jim Kjelgaard's "The Fire Hunter." Not worth the money to go see it.

Dumb Movie

By: johnklink
Don't waste your time nor $$$. No acting. Everything was pretend and impossible.

Epic in scale, simple in plot

By: quinnh393
Alpha is epic in scale but simple in plot. It perfectly captures how the Earth would feel and look like 20,000 years ago with stunning cinematography. This is a story of how a boy and a wolf fought together to survive.

Wonderful Movie

By: redsleeknight
I absolutely loved this movie, it is one of the best movies that I have ever seen and thats saying a lot since I am 75 and seen loads of movies. As a dog lover and owner, especially the German Shepherds, I loved Alpha, he was the heart of this show, It was so heart-warming, the scenery was fabulous, actors great and the storyline was over the top. Its great for the whole family. So wonderful to see such a great movie without all the usual nudity, language, sexual BS, etc. Please give more reviews towards CHUCK the dog, as he was stupendous!!!!

First review got deleted

By: the_doofy
I went to watch this with my wife, when I got back I did some research and discovered that there were actual Bison slaughtered to make this movie, 5 in fact. It made me sick to think I had given money to this movie

for stating this my first review has been deleted

I work with dogs extensively in training and life, and found the movie to do 'quantum leaps' in how the boy and wolf interact, no scaffolding, no stages to get to critical behaviors, it just all falls conveniently into place